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24/7 Games is an online games company located in Austin, Texas that’s dedicated to helping people find joy and connection through fun, free classic games that are always there when you need them. Our 270+ games are available to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

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We Have A Passion

for helping people find joy and connection through fun, free, classic games that are alwaysthere when you need them. It’s why we exist. We’re your loyal friend who’s always there when you have some unexpected downtime or need to escape.

Origin Story

In 2007, bored at his desk job and craving some intellectual stimulation, John Battagline, our founder and CEO, decided to develop an online game for him and his co-workers to play. Inspired by the bond created when playing cards with his grandmother, John developed an online version of Solitaire, a classic game he knew would be a hit. From there, 24/7 Games was born.

Leveling Up

In 2010, 24/7 Games got promoted from “side hustle” to a full-blown online games company. With an expanded team of expert designers, coders and genuinely good humans, we’ve spent over a decade making classic online games available to the masses. We’ve enabled countless cross-country games of Checkers between grandparents and their grandchildren, thousands of spirited Chess games between friends during short bursts of downtime, and provided hours of entertainment with solo skills games like Sudoku and Solitaire, to help sharpen the cognitive skills of the young, elderly and persons with disabilities. It doesn’t matter what tech you have, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer — our games are there for you.

247 games future goals

We’re your old, reliable friend who’s always ready to play, 24/7.

Global Reach

We're not just a gaming site. We're a global gaming community. Our 270+ games are available to anyone with an internet connection, no matter where they are in the world. With millions of players, we've created a global gaming network like no other — a community of 10.5 million players and counting.

Extended Playtime

The average time spent on 24/7 Games is 30+ minutes. Over 32% of players who dive into a classic game — keep coming back for more, even after a month!

Demographics That Matter

Classic games aren't just for the past; they're a timeless part of our gaming future. Our audience skews slightly older, with the average classic gamer being 65 years old.

247 games community

Connect Anywhere

Play games with someone in the same room or across the planet.

Playable At Anytime

We offer a vast library of classic games that cater to all ages, interests, and schedules.

Accessible On All Devices

Play any of our games directly from the browser on your phone, tablet or computer.

Exceptional Retention

With time on site averaging above 30 minutes, our games keep players engaged.

Time-tested Favorites

Classic games are beloved by all, and we're proud to keep the tradition alive.


We’re dedicated to keeping the classics fresh by adding new games and features.

247 games connect anywhere

The Team

We have a team of expert designers, coders and genuinely good humans, that have spent over a decade making classic online games available to the masses.

John Battagline

Founder + CEO

Leading operations, creating new games, and bringing people together through gaming.

Deja Battagline

Chief Operating Officer

Driving day-to-day operations and dreaming big for 24/7 Games.

Mike Low

Chief Creative Officer

Setting the visual tone, game testing, and troubleshooting.

Spencer Evans

Chief Technology Officer

Bringing 24/7 Games to life with coding expertise and game development.

Brandon Dawson

Chief Advertising Officer

Using his ninja skills in order to keep 24/7 Games free for the whole community.


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As a small, independent gaming studio, we've established successful partnerships with advertisers to support our 100% free gaming model. We're dedicated to providing a non-disruptive user experience, and constantly exploring ad formats that have the least impact on gameplay. What's more, our ad selection is not a one-size-fits-all approach — it's customized to users' preferences, allowing you to tailor your ad messaging for maximum impact.

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